Why Choose Payment First?


For too long small to medium-sized businesses have borne the brunt of excessive charges on their merchant services but now Payment First is offering a compelling alternative with lower charges, excellent customer service and up-to-date equipment.


Merchant Services

At Payment First we know our customers and we know that, although they are experts in their fields, they rely on us to help them grow with our bespoke payment solutions.

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The latest tech

Our mission is to help the small to medium-sized businesses in our communities thrive and grow. So whether you need to upgrade part or all of your payment solution, we will hold your hand through the process.

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No compromise

Our rates may be competitive but that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality or service. Based in the UK, our team of trusted reps know their customers well and treat them with respect.

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We’re committed to the businesses we serve and want to help them thrive and grow with cost-effective and hassle-free merchant solutions.
— Mark Brimson, MD Payment First