5 reasons why you need an epos in your life?

I am more and more intrigued when visiting both customers and perspective customers on what they are using on their front end as a till system.

Some like an old rinky dinky (as I like to call them) till system, and some like a more up to date Epos System.

Here are 5 reasons why in my opinion you should look at an Epos System

  • Total Control - Keep control of your business, track your sales, track any voided transactions and keep an eye on your staff (for example, what hours they are working amongst other things).

  • Simple Stock Management - One of the most under used business accessories out there, everyone thinks they have the perfect stock control system, but rarely do they work. Why not create a process around your Epos system that your staff subscribe to.

  • Increase Customer Loyalty- The easiest people you can sell to is your existing customer base. By installing a loyalty programme, you can encourage your customers to come back time and time again - you'd be surprised how far people will travel to save a small amount of money.

  • Easy Email Marketing - Use the contacts in your Epos to send out special offers, some Epos systems are able to integrate with various email marketing platforms, making it extremely easy to keep in touch with your clients. If you're running a special offer, make sure you are telling people about it.

  • Portray the Right Image - Epos systems look amazing and will give your business the correct look and feel. When I see an old till system I assume the owners are not bothered about investing into their own business, so why should I bother buying from them.


Yes an Epos system is a considerable purchase but can you really afford to be without one.